Chempro Aged Care offer extensive services including Sachet Medication Packaging and Webster Medication Packaging and Management System.

Residential Aged Care Services

1. Sachet medication packaging - On Site Sachet Packing System.

Sachet system-roll of sachets pre-packed with medication using specialised machinery.

Find out more about Sachet Medication Packaging

2. Webster Medication Packaging and Management system - Packing, charting, reporting.

Options for Blister Pack-multidose packaging (more than one medication), OR unit dose packaging (one medication per blister).

Find out more about Webster Medication Packaging and Management System

3. Medication charting

  • All charting options are provided as per facility request.

4. Regular timetabled Medication Chart Audits

  • Performed at regular intervals
  • Full report forwarded to D.O.N within 7 days of audit
  • Immediate follow-up of any serious issues found

5. In-service training

  • Educational Seminars delivered to Facility staff upon request by Pharmacy Pharmacist.

6. Medication reviews and Administration Advice - just a phone call away.

  • To crush or not to crush - we can advise.
  • With food or on Empty stomach -we can advise.
  • Will it interact? - we can advise.
  • Can my patient take this OTC medication safely with this drug regime? - we can advise.
  • My patient’s allergic to ‘X’, can they take this medication? - we can advise.

7. Management Meetings

  • Regular monthly timetabled short meeting between Pharmacist Manager and D.O.N/Clinical Care Co-ordinator.
  • Discussion of:
    • Incidents/Events of past month.
    • Problems/concerns (Pharmacy and Facility).
    • Processes that are working well.
    • New innovations.
    • Medication “Out Of Stocks”.
    • General business.

8. MAC meeting attendance

  • Pharmacist available to attend all MAC meetings.

9. Accredited pharmacist available to perform RMMRs

  • Chempro employs the services of an accredited Pharmacist contracted to perform RMMR’s (Medication Review) within Aged Care facilities and HMR’s (Home Medication Reviews) in the community.

10. Personal Service-Communication is the Key

  • Good old fashioned service
  • Getting to know you; personal visits; not just phone/e-mail communication, both with our pharmacist and the staff who assist the pharmacist with your facility’s requirements.

11. Large Retail Product selection

  • Chempro Chemist Ashmore Plaza has a very large retail business, selling a wide range of items, including:-
    • A large variety of vitamins, Pharmacy Medicines (S2) and Pharmacist Only Medicines (S3) medications, diabetic area, weight loss product and a large range of Cosmetics and hair care products.
    • Expert advice.
    • Staff and residents at our facilities have access to the large Retail product range.
    • Facility staff gets a staff discount card giving access to 10% discount when visiting Chemist Ashmore Plaza.

12. Deliveries

  • Regular DAILY timetabled delivery service.

13. After Hours Service

  • An After Hours Emergency service is provided at nights and weekends.
  • A Pharmacist employed by Chempro Chemist is contactable at all times via an After Hours phone number provided to all facilities.
I would like to commend your staff and thank them for their hard work and wonderful manner when dealing with our company.

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