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Read a selection of client testimonials from just a few of our many Aged Care facilities.

Client Testimonials

Read a selection of client testimonials from just a few of our many Aged Care facilities.

Client Testimonials

We have had our medication dispensing managed by the team at Chempro Aged Care pharmacy for several years and have always found their service to be prompt, efficient and friendly.

Any issues raised with our medications have been quickly resolved.

Any requested medication changes has been completed on the same day.

We look forward to an ongoing relationship with the team from this pharmacy.

I would confidently recommend Chempro Aged Care to any Aged Care Facility looking for first rate service.

personVal Bristow (Director of Care)

We can recommend Chempro Aged Care.

We have recently implemented a complete Medications System change to the Sachet System. The system changeover was seamless due to the guidance and assistance of the professional and helpful Chempro staff.

We have found Chempro to provide an accurate and professional service. We are therefore happy to recommend the pharmacy service of Chempro Aged Care.

personDenise Mortimer (Director of Nursing)

Chempro Aged Care has been supplying our Aged Care Facility with resident’s medication Sachet Packs for a number of years.

During this time, the Registered Nurses have benefited from the Mederev online self-learning Medication Management training.

The residents have benefited from the prompt supply of medications, following admissions, and /or medication changes.

The emergency delivery of stock has always been extremely prompt.

RMMRs; Chart Audits; Imprest Audits are all effectively managed in a timely manner, and the regular Medication Review Committee meetings have been beneficial to all parties during the years.

I cannot express my thanks enough, to the staff at Chempro Aged Care, for their assistance and wonderful service during the period of our affiliate with the Pharmacy.

personMargaret A Dix (Care Manager)

I would be confident to recommend the services of Chempro Aged Care, as a primary choice for pharmaceutical provider.

The team at Chempro Chemist Ashmore provides a prompt and friendly, all-encompassing service and have adhered to and met all our requirements and all initial agreements made from the time they commenced their service with us.

They have shown us that we can trust their service in accuracy, consistency and expediency. They conduct their business with a friendly and approachable manner.

The service provided by Chempro Aged Care has made pharmacy and medication an area that does not take unnecessary time from, nor add unnecessary effort to my current workload.

Our facility has just had a full internal audit completed and I am pleased to report that there were no pharmacy/medication related concerns or discrepancies found.

personCheryl Mclean (Clinical Manager)

I would like to commend your staff and thank them for their hard work and wonderful manner when dealing with our company.

Whenever I , or staff, call they are always happy and willing to assist and go out of their way to ensure our needs are met.

The work delivered has been found to be of a high quality and accuracy.

personDesolie Crilley (Clinical Manager)

Our facility has been serviced for all our pharmaceutical needs by Chempro Aged Care for a number of years. They have recently converted the facility from Webster Packs to medication sachets at our request.

Myself and all the associated staff and doctors are more than happy with the new dose administration aids.

The conversion was done quickly and efficiently, without concern or incident.

The change has resulted in numerous benefits including decreased does administration times, clearer medication charts and signing sheets as well as decreasing the time associated workload necessary for our doctors.

The pharmacy kept in close communication with us through the change and provided education and support ensuring all our needs were met.

I would confidently recommend their business to any facility that may be considering a pharmaceutical service provider.

personKaren Hodges (Clinical Care Manager)


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Chempro Chemists

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